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stromky jsou naše vášeň

O vánoční stromky se staráme po několik let. Od semínka až po krásný vánoční stromeček, který Vám přináší tu pravou atmosféru vánoc.

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trees are our passion

We care for trees many years, from seed to christmas tree that brings you beautiful christmas atmosphere.

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Bäume sind unsere Leidenschaft

Wir kümmern uns seit einigen Jahren um Weihnachtsbäume. Von Samen bis zu einem schönen Weihnachtsbaum, der Ihnen die wahre Atmosphäre von Weihnachten bringt.

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drzewa to nasza pasja

Od kilku lat zajmujemy się choinkami. Od nasion po piękną choinkę, która przynosi prawdziwą atmosferę Bożego Narodzenia.

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We are a purely Czech family company and 20 years of experience that we have with growing and selling trees. Our thoughts are moving forward and our journey continues beyond the borders of our country. Even though we are approaching foreign customers, our heart will remain a faithful country in the heart of Europe where we live, work and where we are creating the future for the next generations.

Christmas Trees


We are christmas tree producer form Czech republic. We focus on very high quality natural products for your satisfaction. With the utmost care, we cultivate and sell Christmas trees for retail and wholesale. Complete range of cuted and containerized Christmas trees from 80 to 400cm trees.


We produce suitable species of greenery in bundles, usually weighing 5 kg. At customer’s request we can prepare any size of volume. It is made by cutting from trees with a height of 3-10m. Greenery is produced mainly for binding wreaths, making decorations for various events, celebrations, weddings, cosmetics production, aromatic oils, but also for food like syrups and other natural products.

Ornamental Trees

We are able to offer many ornamental trees for planting in gardens, parks and public projects. We have trees until 4 meters high.

We cultivate a large number of grown-up trees with root balls even in containers (pots). The trees are grown in the soil in the field where they receive the best care. Mostly, small saplings are planted, which must be fertilized, shaped, protected from weeds and pests throughout the cultivation period. Each plant gets the best care to eventually pick up the machine from the soil and send it to the customer.